Hi there - and welcome to my album collection. I've been slowly collecting CDs for several years now, and as you can see from below the collection has started to grow quite large.

Feel free to indulge yourself in the collection. If you think something is missing, send me an email with your recommendations.

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Grace currently has 507 CDs in her collection.

There are 239 unique artists in the collection.

The artist she has the most number of albums by is Rammstein.

The latest album added was Transitus by Ayreon.

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Album Artist Album Title Type Release Date
A Perfect Circle Eat The Elephant LP 2018-04-20
A Perfect Circle Mer De Noms LP 2000-05-23
A.A. Williams Forever Blue LP 2020-07-03
Aerosmith Toys in the Attic LP 1975-04-08
Alestorm Black Sails at Midnight LP 2009-05-27
Alestorm Sunset on the Golden Age LP 2014-07-01
Alestorm No Grave but the Sea LP 2017-05-26
Alestorm Captain Morgan's Revenge LP 2008-01-25
Alex Day Parrot Stories LP 2009-10-01
Alex Day The World is Mine (I Don't Know Anything) LP 2010-06-28
Alex Day 117% Complete EP 2010-03-01
Alice in Chains Facelift LP 1990-07-21
Alice in Chains Dirt LP 1992-09-29
Amon Amarth Twilight of the Thunder God LP 2008-09-30
Amon Amarth Deceiver of the Gods LP 2013-06-25
Amon Amarth Jomsviking LP 2018-03-25
Amy Winehouse Back in Black LP 2006-10-27
Anathema Weather Systems LP 2012-04-16
Anathema Distant Satellites LP 2014-06-04
Anathema The Optimist LP 2017-06-09
And So I Watch You From Afar The Endless Shimmering LP 2017-10-20
Anderson Paak Malibu LP 2016-01-15
Anderson/Stolt Invention of Knowledge LP 2016-06-24
Animals as Leaders The Madness of Many LP 2016-11-11
Anthrax Spreading the Disease LP 1985-10-30
Anthrax Among the Living LP 1987-03-22
Anthrax State of Euphoria LP 1988-09-19
Anthrax For All Kings LP 2016-02-26
Asia Asia LP 1982-03-18
Augustus Pablo King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown LP 1976
Auri Auri LP 2018-03-23
Avantasia The Scarecrow LP 2008-01-25
Avantasia Ghostlights LP 2016-01-29
Avantasia Moonglow LP 2019-02-15
Ayreon Transitus LP 2020-09-25
Ayreon The Human Equation LP 2004-05-25
Ayreon The Theater Equation (Live) Live 2016-06-17
Ayreon The Source LP 2017-04-28
Babymetal Babymetal LP 2014-02-26
Bar J Wranglers Home on the Range LP No Date Found
Bar J Wranglers Roamin' Wyoming LP No Date Found
Baroness Purple LP 2015-12-18
Baroness Gold & Grey LP 2019-06-14
Battle Beast Bringer of Pain LP 2017-02-17
Be'lakor Vessels LP 2016-06-24
Beatallica Abbey Load LP 2013-03-12
Beck Midnite Vultures LP 1999-11-16
Bent Knee You Know What They Mean LP 2019-10-11
Between the Buried and Me Colors LP 2007-09-18
Biffy Clyro Ellipsis LP 2016-07-08
Big Big Train Grand Tour LP 2019-05-17
Bill Bailey Bill Bailey in Metal LP 2011-11-01
Bill Withers Just As I Am LP 1971-05
Billion Dollar Babies Chemical God LP 2016-01-29
Björk Homogenic LP 1997-09-22
Björk Medúlla LP 2004-08-31
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club B.R.M.C. LP 2001-03-04
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath LP 1970-02-13
Black Sabbath Paranoid LP 1970-09-18
Black Sabbath Master of Reality LP 1971-07-21
Black Sabbath Vol. 4 LP 1972-09-29
Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath LP 1973-12-01
Black Sabbath Sabotage LP 1975-07-28
Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell LP 1980-04-25
Black Star Riders All Hell Breaks Loose LP 2013-05-27
Black Star Riders The Killer Instinct LP 2015-02-20
Black Star Riders Heavy Fire LP 2017-02-03
Blind Guardian Tales from the Twilight World LP 1990-10-02
Blind Guardian Nightfall in Middle Earth LP 1998-04-28
Blind Guardian At the Edge of Time LP 2010-07-29
Blind Guardian Beyond the Red Mirror LP 2015-01-30
Blind Guardian Live Beyond the Spheres Live 2017-07-07
Bloc Party Silent Alarm LP 2005-02-02
Bloc Party A Weekend in the City LP 2007-01-24
Bloc Party FOUR LP 2012-08-20
Bloc Party Hymns LP 2016-01-29
Blue Oyster Cult Tyranny and Mutation LP 1973-02-11
Blue Oyster Cult Agents of Fortune LP 1976-05-21
Blue Oyster Cult Secret Treaties LP 1974-04
Blue Öyster Cult Blue Öyster Cult LP 1972-01-16
Blue Öyster Cult Fire of Unknown Origin LP 1981-07
Bombay Bicycle Club A Different Kind of Fix LP 2011-08-26
Bombay Bicycle Club I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose LP 2009-07-03
Bombay Bicycle Club So Long, See You Tomorrow LP 2014-02-03
Bombay Bicycle Club Everything Else Has Gone Wrong LP 2020-01-17
Boston Live Agora Cleveland 1976 Live 2013
BOY Mutual Friends LP 2011-09-02
BYMT Summer Seranade Live No Date Found
Caligula's Horse In Contact LP 2017-09-15
Caligula's Horse Rise Radiant LP 2020-05-22
Camel Mirage LP 1974-01-03
Camel The Snow Goose LP 1975-04-15
Camel Moonmadness LP 1976-03-26
Camel Dust and Dreams LP 1991-09-10
Caravan In the Land of Grey and Pink LP 1971-04-08
Caravan The Paradise Filter LP 2013-12-20
Caravan If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You LP 1970-09-04
Caravan Waterloo Lily LP 1972-05-19
Chameleon Circuit Chameleon Circuit LP 2009-06-01
Charlie McDonnell This is Me LP 2010-12-01
Chas 'n' Dave Last Orders - Live LP No Date Found
Chvrches The Bones of What You Believe LP 2013-09-20
Circles Infinitas LP 2013-10-14
Clams Casino 32 Levels LP 2015-07-15
Clutch Blast Tyrant LP 2004-03-23
Clutch Psychic Warfare LP 2015-10-02
Clutch Book of Bad Decisions LP 2018-09-07
Coheed and Cambria In Keeping Secrets of the Silent Earth: 3 LP 2003-10-07
Coheed and Cambria Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness LP 2005-09-20
Coheed and Cambria The Unheavenly Creatures LP 2018-10-05
Coheed and Cambria Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow LP 2007-10-23
Cormorant Diaspora LP 2017-08-11
Dalai Lama Inner World LP 2020-07-06
Daniel Cavanagh Monochrome LP 2017-10-13
Death Human LP 1991-10-22
Def Leppard Pyromania LP 1982-01-20
Def Leppard Hysteria LP 1987-08-03
Dennis Brain The Horn Player Compilation 2008-06-02
Devin Townsend Ocean Machine LP 1997-07-21
Devin Townsend Dark Matters LP 2014-10-27
Devin Townsend Empath LP 2019-03-29
Devin Townsend Terria LP 2001-08-27
Devin Townsend Project Sky Blue LP 2014-10-27
Devin Townsend Project Ki LP 2009-05-25
Dexter Gordon A Swingin' Affair LP 1964-10
Disturbed Sickness LP 2000-03-07
Disturbed Ten Thousand Fists LP 2005-09-20
Disturbed Indestructible LP 2008-06-03
Disturbed Immortalized LP 2015-08-21
Dizzee Rascal Boy In Da Corner LP 2003-07-21
Dodie You - EP EP 2017-08-11
Dorje Centred and One EP 2016-09-14
Dream Theater Images and Words LP 1992-07-07
Dream Theater Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory LP 1999-08-26
Dream Theater Six Degrees of Inner Turbulance LP 2002-01-29
Dream Theater Octavarium LP 2005-06-07
Dream Theater The Astonishing LP 2016-01-29
Dream Theater Distance Over Time LP 2019-02-22
Drenge Undertow LP 2015-04-06
Drowning Pool Sinner LP 2001-06-05
Dynazty Titanic Mass LP 2016-04-15
Eisbrecher Die Hölle Muss Warten LP 2012-02-03
Eisbrecher Sturmfahrt LP 2017-08-18
Electric Light Orchestra The Electric Light Orchestra LP 1971-12-01
Electric Light Orchestra A New World Record LP 1976-11-09
Electric Light Orchestra Out of the Blue LP 1977-10-03
Electric Light Orchestra Discovery LP 1979-05-31
Electric Light Orchestra Time LP 1981-07-02
Electric Light Orchestra Balance of Power LP 1986-02-17
Electric Light Orchestra Alone in the Universe LP 2015-11-13
Electric Light Orchestra Eldorado LP 1974-10
Eluveitie Slania LP 2008-02-15
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Emerson, Lake & Palmer LP 1970-11-20
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Brain Salad Surgery LP 1973-11-19
Emigrate Emigrate LP 2007-08-31
Emigrate Silent So Long LP 2014-11-14
Emigrate A Million Degrees LP 2018-11-30
Enya Watermark LP 1988-09-19
Epica The Divine Conspiracy LP 2007-09-07
Epica The Quantum Enigma LP 2014-05-02
Epica The Holographic Principle LP 2016-09-30
Epica The Solace System EP 2017-09-01
Exodus Bonded by Blood LP 1985-04-25
Feeling B Grün & Blau LP 2007-11-05
Feeling B Hea Hoa Hoa Hea Hea Hoa LP 1989
Final Chapter Legions of the Sun LP 2016-01-20
Fleshgod Apocalypse Agony LP 2011-08-09
Fleshgod Apocalypse King LP 2016-02-05
Fleshgod Apocalypse Veleno LP 2019-05-24
Flying Colors Third Degree LP 2019-10-04
Foo Fighters Wasting Light LP 2011-04-12
Foo Fighters Foo Fighters LP 1995-07-04
Foo Fighters Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace LP 2007-05-29
Foo Fighters Sonic Highways LP 2014-11-10
Foo Fighters Concrete and Gold LP 2017-09-15
Fuel Something Like Human LP 2000-09-19
Fuel Natural Selection LP 2003-09-23
Gentle Giant Octopus LP 1972-12-01
Gentle Giant Three Piece Suite Compilation 2017-09-29
Ghost Opus Eponymous LP 2010-10-18
Ghost Infestissumam LP 2013-04-10
Ghost Meliora LP 2015-08-21
Ghost Popestar EP 2016-09-16
Gloryhammer Tales from the Kingdom of Fife LP 2013-03-29
Gloryhammer Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards LP 2015-09-25
Gloryhammer Legends From Beyond The Galactic Terrorvortex LP 2019-05-31
Gojira From Mars To Sirius LP 2005-09-07
Gojira Magma LP 2016-06-17
Gojira L'enfant Sauvage LP 2012-06-26
Gong You LP 1974-10
Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band Swingin' for the Fences LP 2001-01-23
Green Day American Idiot LP 2004-09-21
Green Day !Tré! LP 2012-12-11
Green Day Classic Airwaves Compilation 2005
GTR GTR LP 1986-07
Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits Compilation 2004-03-23
Haken Aquarius LP 2010-03-30
Haken Visions LP 2011-10-24
Haken The Mountain LP 2013-09-02
Haken Restoration EP LP 2014-10-27
Haken Affinity LP 2016-04-29
Haken L-1VE Live 2018-06-22
Haken Vector LP 2018-10-26
Haken Virus LP 2020-07-24
Harmony for Elephants Various Artists LP 2016-10
Helloween Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I LP 1987-05-23
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Hypnotic Brass Ensemble LP 2009
Hällas Conundrum LP 2020-01-31
In Flames Battles LP 2016-11-11
Insomnium Heart Like a Grave LP 2019-10-04
Insomnium Above the Weeping World LP 2006-08-09
Insomnium Winter's Gate LP 2016-09-23
Iron Maiden Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son LP 1988-04-11
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast LP 1982-03-22
Iron Maiden Piece of Mind LP 1983-05-16
Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark LP 1992-05-11
Iron Maiden The Book of Souls LP 2015-09-04
J Dilla Donuts LP 2006-02-07
Jacob Collier Djesse, Vol. 1 LP 2018-12-07
Jaldaboath The Rise of the Heraldic Beasts LP 2010-10-05
Jaldaboath The Further Adventures... LP 2014-01-01
Jeff Buckley Grace LP 1994-08-23
Jeff Wayne The War of the Worlds LP 1978-09-06
Joe Satriani Shapeshifting LP 2020-04-11
Judas Priest British Steel LP 1980-04-14
Kamelot Haven LP 2015-05-05
Kamelot The Shadow Theory LP 2018-04-06
Karnivool Sound Awake LP 2009-06-05
Kate Tempest Let Them Eat Chaos LP 2016-10-07
Katy Perry Teenage Dream LP 2010-08-24
Kauan Sorni Nai LP 2015-10-20
Keane The Best of Keane Compilation 2013-11-11
Kendrick Lamar DAMN. LP 2017-04-13
Killswitch Engage Disarm the Descent LP 2013-03-02
Killswitch Engage Incarnate LP 2016-03-11
King Crimson In The Court of the Crimson King LP 1969-10-10
King Crimson Lizard LP 1970-12-10
King Crimson Red LP 1974-10-06
Kings of Leon Come Around Sundown LP 2010-10-15
Kings of Leon Only by the Night LP 2008-10-19
Kiss Destroyer LP 1976-03-15
Korn Follow the Leader LP 1998-08-18
Kreator Gods of Violence LP 2017-01-27
Kurt Vile b'lieve i'm goin down... LP 2015-09-25
Kyros Celexa Dreams LP 2020-06-19
Lazuli Tant Que L'Herbe Est Grasse LP 2014-03-21
Lazuli Le Fantastique Envol de Dieter Böhm LP 2020-02-14
Lazuli Nos Âmes Saoules LP 2016-02-15
Lazuli Saison 8 LP 2018-03-20
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV LP 1971-08-11
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin I LP 1969-01-12
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II LP 1969-10-22
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III LP 1970-10-05
Leprous Coal LP 2013-05-20
Leprous The Congregation LP 2015-05-25
Leprous Malina LP 2017-08-25
Lindemann Praise Abort Single 2015-05-28
Lindemann Fish On Single 2015-10-09
Lindemann Skills in Pills LP 2015-06-23
London Symphony Orchestra Mozart: Violin Concertos Compilation No Date Found
London Symphony Orchestra Rachmaninov: Piano Concertos Compilation No Date Found
Madness Total Madness Compilation 2009-09-21
Madvillain Madvillainy LP 2004-04-23
Maroon 5 Songs About Jane LP 2002-06-25
Maroon 5 It Won't be Soon Before Long LP 2007-05-16
Mastodon Leviathan LP 2004-08-31
Mastodon Blood Mountain LP 2006-09-12
Mastodon Crack the Skye LP 2009-03-24
Mastodon Emperor of Sand LP 2017-03-31
Mastodon Cold Dark Place LP 2017-09-22
Megadeth Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? LP 1986-09-19
Megadeth Rust in Peace LP 1990-09-24
Megadeth Countdown To Extinction LP 1992-07-14
Megadeth Dystopia LP 2016-01-22
Meshuggah Nothing LP 2002-08-06
Meshuggah The Violent Sleep of Reason LP 2016-10-07
Metallica …and Justice for All LP 1988-08-25
Metallica Death Magnetic LP 2008-12-09
Metallica Hardwired…To Self-Destruct LP 2016-11-19
Metallica Ride The Lightning LP 1984-07-27
Michael Jackson Bad LP 1987-08-31
Michael Jackson Thriller LP 1982-11-30
Miles Davis Kind of Blue LP 1959-08-17
Motörhead Ace of Spades LP 1980-08-10
Muse Absolution LP 2003-09-15
Muse Black Holes and Revelations LP 2006-07-03
Muse The 2nd Law LP 2012-09-28
Muse Drones LP 2015-06-05
Nad Sylvan Courting the Widow LP 2015-10-16
Nad Sylvan The Bride Said No LP 2017-05-26
Nad Sylvan The Regal Bastard LP 2019-07-05
Nick Beggs The Darkness in Men's Hearts LP 2013-06-24
Nightwish Wishmaster LP 1997-08-19
Nightwish Oceanborn LP 1998-12-07
Nightwish Once LP 2004-01-05
Nightwish Endless Forms Most Beautiful LP 2015-03-27
Nile Rodgers Greatest Hits Live In Concert In Amsterdam Live 2006-06-13
Nine Miles South Nine Miles South EP LP 2016
Nirvana Nevermind LP 1991-09-24
Nirvana In Utero LP 1993-09-21
Novena Secondary Genesis EP 2016-07-22
Novena Eleventh Hour LP 2020-03-06
Oneohtrix Point Never Age Of LP 2018-06-01
Opeth My Arms, Your Hearse LP 1998-08-18
Opeth Still Life LP 1999-10-18
Opeth Blackwater Park LP 2001-02-27
Opeth Deliverance LP 2002-11-12
Opeth Damnation LP 2003-04-22
Opeth Ghost Reveries LP 2005-08-29
Opeth Heritage LP 2011-09-14
Opeth Pale Communion LP 2014-08-25
Opeth Sorceress LP 2016-09-30
Opeth In Cauda Venenum LP 2019-09-27
Oranssi Pazuzu Mestarin Kynsi LP 2020-04-17
Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Ozz LP 1980-09-12
Ozzy Osbourne Memoirs of a Madman Compilation 2014-10-14
Pain Cynic Paradise LP 2008-10-31
Pain Coming Home LP 2016-09-09
Pain of Salvation One Hour By The Concrete Lake LP 1998-07-21
Pain of Salvation The Perfect Element I LP 2000-10-31
Pain of Salvation Remedy Lane LP 2002-01-15
Pain of Salvation In The Passing Light of Day LP 2017-01-13
Pain of Salvation Be LP 2004-09-27
Pain of Salvation Panther LP 2020-08-28
Papa Roach Infest LP 2000-04-25
Papa Roach The Connection LP 2012-10-02
Papa Roach F.E.A.R. LP 2015-01-27
Paramore Paramore LP 2013-04-05
Paramore After Laughter LP 2017-05-12
Periphery Periphery LP 2010-04-20
Periphery Periphery IV: HAIL STAN LP 2019-04-05
Pet Shop Boys Please LP 1986-04-24
Peter Bjorn and John Gimme Some LP 2011-03-28
Porcupine Tree Stupid Dream LP 1999-04-06
Porcupine Tree In Absentia LP 2002-09-24
Porcupine Tree Deadwing LP 2005-03-29
Porcupine Tree Signify LP 1996-09-30
Porcupine Tree Up The Downstair LP 1993-06-07
Porcupine Tree Fear of a Blank Planet LP 2007-04-16
Post Malone Stoney LP 2016-12-09
Powerwolf Return in Bloodred LP 2005-04-04
Powerwolf Lupus Dei LP 2007-05-07
Powerwolf Sacrament of Sin LP 2018-07-20
Prince 1999 LP 1982-10-27
Prince The Very Best of Prince Compilation 2001-07-31
Public Service Broadcasting The Race for Space LP 2015-02-23
Pyramid Theorem Beyond the Exosphere LP 2020-08-21
Queen A Night at the Opera LP 1975-11-21
Queen News of the World LP 1977-10-28
Queen Jazz LP 1978-11-10
Queen Flash Gordon LP 1980-12-08
Queen A Kind of Magic LP 1986-06-03
Queen Live at Wembley '86 Live 1990-12-10
Radiohead OK Computer LP 1997-06-16
Radiohead Kid A LP 2000-10-02
Radiohead Hail to the Thief LP 2003-06-09
Radiohead The Best Of LP 2008-06-02
Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool LP 2016-05-08
Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine LP 1992-10-03
Rage Against The Machine Evil Empire LP 1996-04-16
Rammstein Du Riechst So Gut '98 Single 1995-08-24
Rammstein Engel Single 1997-04-01
Rammstein Du Hast (Single) Single 1997-07-19
Rammstein Sehnsucht LP 1997-08-25
Rammstein Live Aus Berlin Live 1999-08-31
Rammstein Reise Reise LP 2004-09-27
Rammstein Benzin [Single] Single 2005-10-07
Rammstein Rosenrot LP 2005-10-28
Rammstein Liebe ist für alle da LP 2009-10-16
Rammstein Rammstein LP 2019-05-17
Red Hot Chili Peppers By The Way LP 2002-07-09
Red Hot Chili Peppers I'm With You LP 2011-08-29
Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik LP 1991-09-24
Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium LP 2006-05-09
Richard Cheese The Sunny Side of the Moon: The Best of Richard Cheese Compilation 2006-02-07
Rick Wakeman The Six Wives of Henry VIII LP 1973-01-23
Rick Wakeman Journey to the Centre of the Earth LP 1974-05-03
Rick Wakeman The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table LP 1975-03-27
Rick Wakeman Out There LP 2003-07-08
Rick Wakeman Piano Portraits LP 2017-01-13
Rick Wakeman Piano Odyssey LP 2018-10-12
Rick Wakeman Two Sides of Yes Compilation 2001
Ricky Warwick When Patsy Cline Was Crazy & Guy Mitchell Sang The Blues / Hearts On Trees LP 2016-02-26
Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe LP 1998-08-25
Roine Stolt's The Flower King Manifesto Of An Alchemist LP 2018-11-23
Rolo Tomassi Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It LP 2018-03-02
Ronnie James Dio Holy Diver LP 1983-05-25
Rush 2112 LP 1976-04-01
Rush Hemispheres LP 1978-10-29
Rush Permanent Waves LP 1980-01-14
Sabaton Coat of Arms LP 2010-10-21
Sabaton Primo Victoria (Re-Armed) LP 2005-03-15
Sabaton Attero Dominatus (Re-Armed) LP 2006-07-14
Sabaton The Art of War (Re-Armed) LP 2008-05-30
Sabaton Carolus Rex LP 2012-05-25
Sabaton Heroes LP 2014-05-16
Sabaton Heroes on Tour [Live] Live 2016-03-04
Sabaton The Last Stand LP 2016-08-19
Scale the Summit In a World of Fear LP 2017-05-19
Scar Symmetry The Unseen Empire LP 2011-04-15
Scar Symmetry Pitch Black Progress LP 2006-04-21
Scar Symmetry Holographic Universe LP 2008-06-20
Scar Symmetry The Singularity (Phase I - Neohumanity) LP 2014-10-03
Scar Symmetry Dark Matter Dimensions LP 2009-10-02
Scott Walker Scott 4 LP 1969-11
Scouting for Girls Scouting for Girls LP 2007-09-17
Seasick Steve Walkin’ Man: The Best Of Seasick Steve Compilation 2011
Sepultura Beneath The Remains LP 1989-04-07
Sepultura Roots LP 1996-02-20
Serdrumk Breaking Road EP 2018-03-16
Shaman Elephant Wide Awake But Still Asleep LP 2020-05-29
Slayer Reign in Blood LP 1986-10-07
Slayer Seasons in the Abyss LP 1990-10-09
Sleep Token Sundowning LP 2019-11-21
Snarky Puppy We Like It Here LP 2014-02-25
Snooze Familiaris LP 2019-05-03
Soilwork The Ride Majestic LP 2015-08-28
Sonata Arctica Winterheart's Guild LP 2003-06-22
Sonata Arctica The Ninth Hour LP 2016-10-07
Sons of Apollo Psychotic Symphony LP 2017-10-20
Sons of Apollo MMXX LP 2020-01-17
Soul II Soul Club Classics Vol 1 LP 1989-04-10
Soundgarden Badmotorfinger LP 1991-10-08
Soundgarden Superunknown LP 1993-03-08
Special Providence Essence of Change LP 2015-03-30
Spock's Beard The Kindness of Strangers LP 1998-05-19
Spock's Beard The Oblivion Particle LP 2015-08-21
Spock's Beard Noise Floor LP 2018-05-25
Spock's Beard The Light LP 1995-01
Spock's Beard Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep LP 2013-04-02
Steve Hackett Wuthering Nights: Live in Birmingham Live 2018-01-26
Steve Howe Love Is LP 2020-07-31
Steven Wilson Get All You Deserve Live 2012-09-25
Steven Wilson The Raven That Refused to Sing: And Other Stories LP 2013-02-25
Steven Wilson Hand. Cannot. Erase. LP 2015-02-27
Steven Wilson 4 1/2 EP 2016-01-22
Steven Wilson To The Bone LP 2017-08-18
Steven Wilson Home Invasion: In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall Live 2018-11-02
Suede The Blue Hour LP 2018-09-21
Suede Dog Man Star LP 1994-10-10
Symphony X Paradise Lost LP 2007-06-26
Symphony X Iconoclast LP 2011-06-17
Symphony X Underworld LP 2015-07-24
System of a Down System of a Down LP 1998-06-30
System of a Down Toxicity LP 2001-09-04
Testament Brotherhood of the Snake LP 2016-10-28
Textures Phenotype LP 2016-02-05
Thank You Scientist Stranger Heads Prevail LP 2016-07-29
Thank You Scientist Terraformer LP 2019-06-14
The 1975 The 1975 LP 2013-09-02
The 1975 I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It LP 2016-02-26
The 1975 A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships LP 2018-11-30
The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band LP 1967-05-26
The Beatles Abbey Road LP 1969-09-26
The Contortionist Clairvoyant LP 2017-09-15
The Damned Smash It Up: The Anthology 1976-1987 Compilation 2002-10-22
The Darkness Permission to Land LP 2003-07-07
The Devin Townsend Project Transcendence LP 2016-09-09
The Hoosiers The Illusion of Safety LP 2010-08-16
The Hoosiers The Trick to Life LP 2007-08-22
The Hoosiers The News from Nowhere LP 2014-04-14
The Hoosiers The Secret Service LP 2015-10-09
The Mute Gods Tardigrades Will Inherit the Earth LP 2017-02-24
The Mute Gods Atheists and Believers LP 2019-03-22
The Neal Morse Band The Great Adventure LP 2019-01-25
The Neal Morse Band The Great Adventure Live In Brno - 2019 Live 2020-03-06
The Pineapple Thief Dissolution LP 2018-08-31
The Pineapple Thief Abducted at Birth LP 1999-05-25
The Pineapple Thief Versions of the Truth LP 2020-09-04
The Simpsons Go Simpsonic With The Simpsons Compilation 1999-11-02
The Tangent Auto Reconnaissance LP 2020-08-21
The Vision Bleak Timeline - An Introduction to the Vision Bleak Compilation 2016-06-03
The Who The Ultimate Collection Compilation 2002-06-11
Thin Lizzy Vagabonds of the Western World LP 1973-09-21
Thin Lizzy Jailbreak LP 1976-03-26
Thin Lizzy Bad Reputation LP 1977-09-02
Thin Lizzy Black Rose LP 1979-04-13
Thin Lizzy Fighting LP 1975-09-12
Tool Undertow LP 1993-06-04
Tool Ænima LP 1996-09-17
Tool Lateralus LP 2001-05-15
Toots & The Maytals Funky Kingston LP 1973
Toska Ode to the Author EP 2016-02-27
Toska Fire By The Silos LP 2018-11-02
Twilight Force Heroes of Mighty Magic LP 2016-07-26
Uneven Structure La Partition LP 2017-04-21
Unleash The Archers Abyss LP 2020-08-21
Van Der Graaf Generator Pawn Hearts LP 1971-10
Van Morrison The Collection Compilation 2011-07-02
Various Artists Essential Jazz Classics Compilation No Date Found
Various Artists La La Land Soundtrack LP 2017-04-30
Various Artists Now That’s What I Call a Million Compilation 2014-10-27
Various Artists Porgy and Bess LP 1958-08
Vektor Terminal Redux LP 2016-05-06
Vola Applause of a Distant Crowd LP 2018-10-12
Voyager Ghost Mile LP 2017-05-12
Wolfgang Rübsam Bach: Great Organ Works Compilation 1996-09
Yes Yes LP 1969-06-25
Yes Fragile LP 1971-11-26
Yes Close to the Edge LP 1972-09-13
Yes Yessongs Live 1973-05-18
Yes Tales from Topographic Oceans LP 1973-12-07
Yes Relayer LP 1974-11-28
Yes Going for the One LP 1977-06-15
Yes 90125 LP 1983-11-07
Yes The Yes Album LP 1971-02-19
Yeti Love Yeti Love LP 2014