Live Events

I've worked with Audioboom, Gay Star News, and Student Pride on professional live events.

Audioboom Live Podcast Events

During my time at Audioboom, I played an intregal part in the running of numerous live events. I was usually in charge of ensuring that the sound and visuals behind the scenes worked like clockwork to avoid any dead air.

Many of the podcast events usually included high celebrity guests, company investors, and potential sales clients for the business.

Gay Star News

At Gay Star News I was in charge of all techincal aspects of our live events. From running visuals through programs like OBS, ensuring that international participants in panels were able to join in live, and live audio mixing for performance acts.

We ran a number of successful events to bring marginalised people together in 'The Embassy', a communal space for all to enjoy.

#QueerAF Live Podcast

I've had the pleasure of working with National Student Pride on their long standing and award winning show #QueerAF.

My long time media partner in crime Jamie Wareham brought me on board to record live sound for the event.